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Why MicroGO & Why this Team

Join the global leader who is focused on resolving "One Health" concerns including human health, animal health, and the environment, giving you the flexibility and freedom to grow in your own special way.

We want to become a global leader in solving One Health issues. We focus on the very basics of humankind i.e., food, water, and health. One Health as a concept, advocates a systemic and ecological practice that incorporates interdisciplinary collaborations. As an approach, it unifies regional and global efforts to address issues that threaten human, animal, and environmental health results. We provide an open, interactive and non-hierarchical work environment and believe in “work pleasure” rather than “work pressure”.

Ms Lakshmi Chandrasekar


Being the Head-HR has been an incredibly rewarding experience with MicroGO. Shaping a positive work environment where talent can flourish and thrive is the most fulfilling aspect. By joining our team, you'll be a part of a vibrant, welcoming, and encouraging environment. I invite you to experience the journey of personal and professional growth with us. 

Meet the Crew

Mr Aju Selvam

Here in MicroGO, there is a scope to learn & and try new ideas. The management is flexible towards employee benefit & and no hierarchical Politics is involved. Collogues are like family with a very open & and supportive nature.


Ms Anita Menon
Head Admin

A year with MicroGO has been a fantastic journey. The dynamic team and Dr. Rachna Dave's leadership inspire us to innovate and excel. Happy to be part of this growth-focused organization!


Mr Maheshwaran
R&D Tech-Lead

Working here is a continuous learning experience, both in technical and personal aspects. Everyone's suggestions, regardless of their position, are welcome, fostering a culture of inclusion and decision-making involvement


Ms Ansamol Nazar
R&D Project-Lead

The team appreciates the welcoming environment, streamlined processes, and the spirit of cooperation that defines our workplace. The management's commitment to our professional development and overall happiness truly sets this office apart, making it a truly exceptional place to work.


Mr Aravind Raj
Design Engineer

It's like a platform where the employee can learn about the process and there is a high possibility of growth in the future not only in the process but also in the work culture and encouragement of all traditions and making the internal bond between the employees.​

Current Openings

MicroGO is proud to be an equal employment opportunity and an affirmative action employer. We do not discriminate and do not tolerate any discrimination based on race, religion, sex, color, age, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, physical ability, or any other characteristics.

All employment decisions, from hiring to separation, are made by local laws, company needs, and the qualifications and merits of the candidates.

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