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Waste Water Treatment and Water Disinfection

waste water treatment and water disinfection

The Secret to Success in Operations in Any Industry Lies in Good WATER MANAGEMENT 

Water Safety and quality are fundamental to human development and well-being. Providing access to safe water is one of the most effective instruments in promoting health and reducing poverty.

Water hygiene is crucial in the food industry as water is used in many aspects of food production, including processing, cleaning, and cooking. Contaminated water can introduce harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, into the food production process and cause foodborne illnesses. Maintaining high water hygiene standards is essential, including monitoring and testing water quality regularly, ensuring water storage and distribution systems are clean and well-maintained, and implementing appropriate treatment measures to eliminate harmful pathogens. Water disinfection plays a vital role in ensuring safe and clean water by eliminating pathogenic microbes thereby maintaining the safety and quality of food products and protecting public health.

GOpure™ - Your Ultimate Water Disinfection & Treatment Solution

GOpure™ series of water disinfection and treatment solutions uses the uniqueness of Chlorine dioxide and is delivered by our patented platform, Tubelet™. Tubelet™ is an advanced delivery system that allows the delivery of a pure form of CD released in the water. It does not allow any disinfection or reaction by-product to contaminate the treated water. Therefore, keeping the water free of any corrosive or chemical compounds increases the shelf life of the plumbing fixture and keeps the chemical composition of the water post-treatment under control. It is validated in NABL-accredited laboratories.

Your Trusted Source for Water Disinfection, and Treatment Solutions

Water Management Solutions

Water Disinfection and Solutions
GOpure PW is a water disinfection method

GOpure PW
(Chlorine dioxide-based water treatment solution)

GOpure IW is a water disinfection method

GOpure IW
(Chlorine dioxide-based water treatment solution)

GOpure INLINE is a water disinfection method

(In-line water treatment system)

GOclean is essential for cleaning and disinfection
stubborn scale buildup

GOclean™ DS
(Scale Remover)

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