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Hygiene Management in the Food Industry

Widely Focuses on Production, Preservation, Processing and Distribution

Hygiene Management in the Food Industry

The Secret to Success in Food & Hospitality Industry Lies in Good HYGIENE MANAGEMENT



360 degree hygiene management

Hygiene Management is of the utmost significance in the food industry. It required that high standards of hygiene and sanitation be maintained throughout the entire food production, storage, and distribution processes. This is essential for preventing contamination by pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, which can cause foodborne illnesses and pose a serious threat to public health. To guarantee the safety and quality of the food that is produced and ingested, it is essential to adhere to stringent hygiene practices and implement appropriate food safety measures. We provide you with innovative and reliable solutions that can assist your food manufacturing facility in achieving 360-degree hygiene.

Food manufacturing involves the large-scale transformation of raw materials into finished food products, while industrial kitchens are commercial kitchens used to prepare food in large quantities, commonly found in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools. In both food manufacturing and industrial kitchen settings, maintaining high levels of hygiene management is crucial to ensure the safety and quality of the food produced and served. By adhering to strict food safety regulations and implementing effective hygiene practices, including proper cleaning and sanitation of equipment and facilities, these industries can prevent the growth and spread of harmful pathogens and contaminants that can cause foodborne illnesses.

Food Safety a Paramount Importance to Humanity

Food Safety & Hygiene Solution

Hand Hygiene Management for the Food Industry
GOassure K MAX: Smart Hand Hygiene Management for Food Industry

GOassure K MAX 
(Smart hand hygiene station for kitchen) 

GOassure P MAX: Smart Hand Hygiene Management for Food Industry

GOassure P MAX (Smart hand hygiene station for kitchen)

GOassure O MAX: Smart Hand Hygiene Management for Food Industry

GOassure O MAX (Smart hand hygiene station for kitchen)

Hygiene Management in food production and proper cleaning and disinfection
GOclean SD: Hygiene Management Solution for Surface Cleaning and Disinfection

GOclean SD
(Surface Disinfectant)

GOclean FC: Hygiene Management Solution for Floor Cleaning and Disinfection

GOclean FC
(Floor Cleaner)

GOclean CRD: Carbon Remover Hygiene Management Solution

GOclean CRD
(Carbon Remover and Disinfectant)

GOclean SANI: Hygiene Management Solution and disinfection for food processing equipment's

GOclean SANI
(Utensils Disinfectant)

GOclean GRD: Hygiene Management Solution for grease remover

GOclean GRD
(Grease Remover and Disinfectant)

GOclean MW: Hygiene Management Solution to reduce cross-contamination

GOclean MW
(Mops and Wipes)

GOclean FWS: Hygiene Management Solution for Footwear Sanitization

GOclean FWS
(Footwear Sanitizer)

GOclean ACFT: Hygiene Management Solution for removal of odor causing in washrooms

GOclean ACFT
(Advanced Chlorine dioxide gas-based fumigation technology)

GOsmart, Is specially designed for Hygiene Management in the kitchen
GOsmart TG is designed for Hygiene management in the Central Kitchen

GOsmart TG
(IoT-enabled temperature monitoring handheld device)

GOsmart TH is designed for Hygiene management in the Central Kitchen

GOsmart TH
(IoT-enabled temperature and humidity monitoring device)

GOfresh is a solution for maintaining hygiene management
GOfresh solution is made for the Hygiene Management of fresh produce

(Chlorine dioxide-based disinfection for fresh produce)

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