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Your First Line of Defence in Healthcare Hand Hygiene!

Healthcare Hand Hygien

The Secret to Success in the Healthcare Industry Lies in INFECTION PREVENTION

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major public health threat that happens when microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites become resistant to antimicrobial drugs like antibiotics, antivirals, and antifungals. AMR is mostly caused by the overuse and abuse of antimicrobial drugs in human and animal health as well as in farming. The problem of AMR is directly linked to infections that are caused by medical care (HAIs). HAIs are often caused by bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. However, getting an infection in the first place can also make it more likely that resistant types will form.

One of the best ways to stop the spread of HAIs, which are infections that people get while getting medical care, is to wash your hands. HAIs can be caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi, among other germs. They can be spread by touching contaminated surfaces, equipment, or the hands of healthcare workers. Again, AMR and hand cleanliness are closely linked because antimicrobial drugs are often used to treat HAIs, which can lead to the growth of AMR. When healthcare workers don't wash their hands properly, they can accidentally spread germs that are resistant to antibiotics from one patient to another. This raises the risk of HAIs and helps AMR spread. The GOassure™ LITE+ O and LITE+ is India`s first and only hand hygiene device that not only assures good hand hygiene practices at every opportunity but also, electronically measures hand hygiene compliance. It is also IoT-enabled for real-time monitoring.

GOassure™ LITE+ is a patent-pending solution that

  • Assure good hand hygiene practices

  • Electronically monitors each hand hygiene opportunity and bedside hand hygiene compliance

Product Features

Electrically captures each hand hygiene opportunity

Electronically captures each hand hygiene opportunity

IoT-enabled hand hygiene monitoring system designed for infection prevention

IoT enabled for real time monitoring of opportunity vs usage

To maintain proper hand hygiene by emphasizing the need to rub hands for at least 20 second

Ensures 20 secs handrub use

Coaches 6 steps of hand hygiene protocol

Coaches 6 steps of hand hygiene protocol

Product Specification

Plug and play. Fully customizable according to required SOP

RGB lighting indicators to guide user through hand hygiene process

In-build 3.5 inch LCD display for guidance through the hand hygiene process

The Handrub level can be viewed through the window provided in the centre of the device

Locally stores up to 50 counts of data if internet connectivity is lost

Easy accessibility to replace ABHR refills

Device holds 0.5L

handrub refills

Provision for

wall-mount / table-top

Dimensions: Length - 154mm

Breadth - 214mm, Height - 309mm

Voltage rating info:

Input AC - 150-285V, 1A, 50-60Hz

Output DC- 12V, 2A (MAX), 24W

The Ecosystem

Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring


Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring Dashboard
  • Enables visual tracking, statistical analysis, assessment and maintenance of compliance percentage of good hand hygiene practices

  • User-friendly interface 

  • Track 5 moments of hand hygiene 

  • Visualize auto-collected, real-time and historic data

  • Compiles statistics from one or a series of devices

  • Records time sensitive real-time usage data and generated graphs

  • Completely customizable subscription-based plan to monitor compliance level at the organization level

Fighting against AMR is in your own hands!

Infection Prevention Solutions

GOassure LITE
hand hygiene monitoring system machine GOassure K LITE

GOassure K LITE

hand hygiene monitoring system machine GOassure P LITE

GOassure P LITE

hand hygiene monitoring system machine GOassure O LITE

GOassure O LITE

Your First Line of Defence in Healthcare

Hand Hygiene!

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