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To serve businesses by delivering science supported by cutting-edge engineering and technology that also provides solid business health.


To become a global leader in solving One Health issues. We shall focus on the very basics of humankind i.e., food, water, and health. This is where we shall seek maximum conservation, minimum damage, and maximum value.


Founded in 2016, MicroGO is an R&D based manufacturing company that focuses on problems around 'Safe & Save' in water, food & hygiene. We strongly believe in asking the right questions and solving them tailor-made for India. 

At MicroGO, we listen to our clients keenly and then use our mix of material science, engineering, microbiology and biotechnology skills to provide solutions. Our proprietary products, not only provide safer means but also saves valuable resources in the present and for the future.

Why do we exist?

One Health is both a concept and an approach. As a concept, it advocates a systemic and ecological practice that incorporates interdisciplinary collaborations. As an approach, it unifies regional and global efforts to address issues that threaten human, animal, and environmental health results.

Issues that could be assisted by the "One Health" approach include zoonotic diseases, antimicrobial resistance, a safe and sustainable food supply vector-borne disease, and health security, just to name a few. This problem between people, animals, and the environment can't be solved by a single person or group. Professionals in human and animal health, environmental experts, policymakers, communities and even pet owners must all work together for one health. At MicroGO, we are developing deep expertise in prevention mechanisms in both human and animal health that at the same time aids both environmental and business health.

How are we solving it?

At this time, our primary objective is to develop what we call an "ecosystem of prevention solutions", which will address issues of food safety and security, water solutions for scarcity, portability and its efficient use in processes, and infection prevention solutions that will eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and as a result, reduce the need for antibiotics. 

Our strategy also involves ensuring that the antimicrobial concentrations delivered by our products are always higher than the minimal inhibitory concentrations or the MIC. This ensures that the AMR phenomenon is not encouraged in any manner. We are firm believers that "what we cannot measure we cannot prevent" Thus, we are able to measure the impact and bring accountability around humans, animals and the environment. But, we believe that for one health approach to work, businesses' health must also succeed.

What do our products do?

Smart - They are technology enabled.

Assured - They provide the right science.

Sustainable - They are environmentally and operationally sustainable.

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