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Revolutionizing hand hygiene in a Indian hotel chain for compliance and sustainability: Case study.

High food safety requirements are required in fast-paced food manufacturing and processing. A well-known hotel and resort chain in South India contacted us to address hand hygiene compliance monitoring, notably in food preparation areas. The case study demonstrates how GOassure™ P-Max, our flagship product solved customer's problem.


A renowned group of hotels in south India committed to excellence in service and hygiene, faces the challenge of a centralised monitoring system that ensures both quality and compliance in hand hygiene. Recognizing the limitations of traditional hand hygiene methods, they sought a solution that not only ensures optimal hand hygiene but also is aligned with their ESG objectives.


  • Ensuring 100% hand hygiene compliance among staff members before entering food production areas across the entire group.

  • Maintaining accurate records for auditing purposes and obtaining ISO certifications requires meticulous documentation and monitoring.

  • Traditional hand hygiene methods consume a significant volume of water, posing environmental concerns and increasing operational costs.

Solution: GOassure™ P-Max

Introducing an all-in-one ecosystem for hand hygiene that guarantees a 40-second hand hygiene cycle, each cycle performs a washing, drying, and sanitising regime. It also involves an IoT-enabled real-time monitoring ecosystem and an in-built engineering system that guarantees sustainability measures.

This innovative hand hygiene station offers several advantages:

  • Water Conservation: Unlike traditional methods, the GOassure™ P-Max minimizes water consumption, saving up to 100% of the water typically used for hand hygiene. In three years, this hotel group saved a remarkable 2,50,000 litres of water, contributing to their water conservation efforts.

  • Compliance assurance: The integrated monitoring system tracked hand hygiene compliance in real-time (both process and intervals) leading to 100 % hand hygiene compliance maintained across groups, assuring 99.99% microbial efficacy towards hand hygiene ensuring relable food safety.

  • Environmental and Operational Sustainability:  The client saved 1500 rolls of paper and a carbon footprint of up to 4500 kgs. This step aligned with the sustainability goals of modern businesses. 

  • Smart Monitoring and Data-driven Insights: The comprehensive data captured provided valuable insights for audit purposes and other certifications to meet their regulatory requirements anytime and by avoiding any manual intervention.

Future Implementation:

Impressed by the performance and utility of GOassure™ P-Max, which is currently operational in several properties, the company is poised to implement the solution across all of its establishments in the future. This strategic initiative reflects the trust in the innovation's capabilities to drive operational efficiency and ensure adherence to hygiene standards on a broader scale.


GOassure™ P-Max emerges as a game-changing solution in the realm of hand sanitization for FnB professionals. Endorsed by the corporate chef and validated through real-world implementation at the hotel group, the product offers a compelling blend of efficiency, sustainability, and compliance. As the hospitality industry navigates the challenges of the new normal, GOassure™ P-Max stands as a beacon of innovation, ensuring that the first line of defence in the food industry remains a top priority in every culinary endeavour.

Disclaimer: The content of this case study may not encompass all aspects of GOassure™ P-Max. For comprehensive information, please refer to the official product documentation.


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