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Implementing GOfresh™: A Case Study in Enhancing Produce Safety and Quality

Updated: May 20

Tomatoes, onions, and potatoes, collectively referred to as the TOP category in vegetables, reign as India's most cultivated, produced, and savoured produce. However, they suffer significant post-harvest losses due to inadequate storage and handling practices, impacting both farmers and consumers. With growing concerns about food safety, innovative solutions are on the rise to combat microbial contamination in fresh produce. This case study delves into the adoption of GOfresh™, a groundbreaking technology by MicroGO®, designed to elevate the safety and quality standards of tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables.

Problem Statement:

A regional produce distributor, FreshHarvest, faces persistent challenges in maintaining the safety and quality of its tomato supply chain. Despite adhering to traditional disinfection methods, including chlorine treatments, occasional outbreaks of foodborne illnesses linked to pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria monocytogenes have occurred. Moreover, the residual by-products from these traditional methods, notably trihalomethanes, pose severe carcinogenic risks to both human health and the environment. These incidents have not only led to financial losses but also tarnished the company's reputation and eroded consumer trust.


FreshHarvest was drawn to adopt GOfresh™ by its compelling promises of heightened disinfection efficacy while maintaining the sensory attributes and nutritional value of fresh produce, alongside prolonging shelf life. Our GOfresh™ technology not only ensures environmental sustainability by eliminating harmful residues but also safeguards the freshness of produce. Collaborating with MicroGO®, the company is implementing GOfresh™ across its production facilities and distribution network, ensuring a seamless integration of this innovative solution.

Implementation Process:

Assessment and Planning:

  • FreshHarvest thoroughly assesses its current disinfection protocols, identifying areas of vulnerability and opportunities for improvement.

  • Collaborating with MicroGO® experts, FreshHarvest developed a comprehensive plan for integrating GOfresh™ into its operations, considering factors such as dosage optimization, efficacy, sustainability, training requirements, and regulatory compliance.

Trial Run and Monitoring:

  • FreshHarvest conducts a trial run of GOfresh™, treating batches of tomatoes and other produce under varying conditions to assess its effectiveness in real-world settings.

  • Continuous monitoring and microbial analysis are performed to evaluate the reduction in pathogen levels and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Full-Scale Integration:

  • Upon successful validation of GOfresh™ efficacy and safety, FreshHarvest implements the technology across its entire produce supply chain.

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are updated to reflect the use of GOfresh™, and quality assurance measures are reinforced to maintain product integrity.

GOfresh™ offered several key benefits

Potent Antimicrobial Properties: GOfresh™ treatment inhibits a wide range of pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Staphylococcus aureus ensuring the safety of fresh produce without compromising its physical characteristics.

No Harmful Residues: Unlike many other disinfectants, GOfresh™ treatment does not react with organic matter, ensuring that treated produce remains free from harmful residues while retaining its natural taste and aroma, maintaining consumer acceptance.

Increased Efficiency: Our approach is 2.5 times more efficient than traditional chlorine treatments, delivering optimal disinfection while preventing the formation of harmful carcinogenic byproducts, safeguarding both the environment and public health.

Tailored Dosage: GOfresh™ delivers an optimised dosage of oxidising agent, effectively eradicating harmful bacteria while minimising the impact on the quality of the produce, ensuring thorough disinfection without compromising safety or taste.

Biofilm Penetration: GOfresh treatment can penetrate through biofilms and embedded bacteria on the surface of fresh produce enhancing the efficacy of the disinfection process, reducing the risk of spoilage and extending the shelf life of treated produce.


Enhanced Efficacy:

  • GOfresh™ demonstrates superior efficacy in disinfecting fresh produce, significantly reducing microbial contamination levels compared to traditional methods.

  • Microbial analysis reveals a notable decrease in the presence of pathogens such as Salmonella and E. coli ensuring a safer product for consumers.

Improved Operational Sustainability:

  • By eliminating the need for harsh chemical treatments and reducing water consumption, GOfresh™ contributes to FreshHarvest's sustainability goals.

  • The optimised dosage and efficient disinfection process lead to cost savings and operational efficiencies for the company.

Enhanced Consumer Confidence:

  • The successful implementation of GOfresh™ enhances FreshHarvest's reputation as a leader in produce safety and quality.

  • Positive feedback from consumers and stakeholders reinforces trust in the company's commitment to delivering safe and nutritious produce.

Sensory Evaluation:

  • Sensory evaluation revealed minimal impact on the sensory attributes of the treated tomatoes. The samples retained their characteristic colour, texture, and flavour profile, ensuring consumer acceptance.

Microbial Analysis

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GOfresh™ represents a paradigm shift in produce disinfection, combining cutting-edge technology with rigorous scientific principles to ensure the safety and quality of fresh produce. By leveraging the potent antimicrobial properties of GOfresh™ treatment, we offer a solution that not only eliminates harmful pathogens but also preserves the integrity and freshness of the treated produce. In a world where food safety is paramount, GOfresh™ stands as a testament to innovation and excellence, heralding a new era in produce safety and consumer confidence. The overall disinfection treatment of GOfresh™ achieves three important factors: Efficacy, Operational Sustainability, and Health Safety.


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