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Hand hygiene is the first line of defense ensuring best practices in any industry. It not only necessitates health risk but inadequate hygiene measures can lead to expensive and reputation damaging recalls. However, it is the responsibility of individual employees and the management to ensure that a strong hand hygiene regime and facility is in place.  

Compliance and costs are the main reasons for inadequate hand hygiene in our country. GOassure solves this problem by ensuring 100% compliance and savings. It automates hand hygiene, provides surveillance by providing data on hand hygiene. Our patent pending technology assures minimum manual intervention and effort, maximum automation and hygiene.

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GOhands is convenient hand hygiene solution in form of push pads designed for low risk areas. Our patent pending technology, it helps you to break the chain of germ spread and offers superior hand hygiene programme to the personnels.

It's unique design works both ways: kills the germs transferred on the push pad and the disinfectant released via push kills the germs on the hands.

Thus, also allowing a sterile surface for the next user. It can also be used as a stand alone disinfecting point. Its attractive outlooks attracts the users thereby, also increasing compliance and mitigating lax attitude.

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GOpure™ is based on MicroGO's patented platform -Tubelet™ . It generates 100% pure form of any disinfecting and oxidizing agent without exposing the treated water to chemical residues and any disinfection by products. GOpure™ is neither dosing pump nor a tablet but an innovation which provides in-situ pathogen free water on demand without any source of energy or skilled labour.

  • The technology enables the user to use any disinfectant based on their SOP

  • Unique chemistry for safer processes and environment friendly waste management

  • Available for treatment of 300L- 500 KL water

  • For domestic and industrial applications

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Based on MicroGO's proprietary formulation GOclean™ is a fast-action, bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal disinfectant spray specially designed for surface disinfection.


Works within one minute of application and is compatible with wood, stainless steel, glass, granite, PE and PP plastics. It can be used for non-product surfaces like workbenches, shelves, countertops, biosafety cabinets and other common use surfaces.

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GOsteri™ by MicroGO is designed for portable sterilization/decontamination and on-the-go. Currently available for sterilization of surgical instruments- it can sterilize 2 red cross kits or 4 birthing kits in one cycle.  GOsteri™ is envisaged to facilitate biomedical waste treatment and reduce the waste generated from plastic disposables in resource limited settings.


  • Does not require continuous source of power

  • Does not require steam/water

  • Ambient condition sterilization

under beta testing - Launching soon!

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GOfresh™ is partially based based on our patented platform - Tubelet™. Simple to use, the technology empowers the farmers to monetize the produce at their own will. It allows retailers to reduce wastage and monetize their purchase (to a maximum) rather than dumping or selling at lower prices.

  • It mitigates rotting, retains freshness and marketability

  • Allows storage/transportation of the produce at ambient conditions 


under beta testing - Launching soon!

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