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Children falling sick after drinking hand sanitisers.

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Children falling sick after drinking hand sanitisers.

Onset of the flu season and moms worry! 

Flu does not seem to be seasonal these days and it scares me more since it looks like it is here to stay! Alcohol based hand sanitizers come handy when soap and water is not available. Recent reports suggest that there is an increasing number of children ingesting these products and falling sick.

The report compiled by the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (

points that over 70,000 cases in children under the age of 12 either accidentally or deliberately have ingested the liquid hand sanitizer. The ingestion of  liquid hand sanitizer was becoming a trend between 2005-2007 but the new figures are showing a trend that are worrying and require our attention. This takes me to MicroGO`s alcohol based disinfectant release technology that releases a predetermined volume of disinfectant upon use.The pre-calibrated dispensing takes care of optimum sanitization  (no more- no less).

The disinfectant is also not accessible to the user thus, it completely avoids the accidental or deliberate ingestion.


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