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Awards and accolades

Updated: 2 days ago

1. In Appreciation For Being An Associate Partner - 6th Edition of SICA Culinary Challenge & Exhibition 2023, Chennai, India.

2. Best Product, Technology & System Provider. Honored to have received the CREFM Masterstroke Innovation Award - 19th Edition Clean India Show.

3. Winner - Third stage of the Grand Onion Challenge, Dept of Consumer Affairs. Govt. of India, 2023.

4. Presenting before the HON. PM of India at Prarambha Summit, 2021.

5. TANSEED Award, Govt of Tamil Nadu, 2021.

6, ICO Award, IKP - Hyderabad, 2020.

7. ACT (Action against Covid) Award, 2020.

8. DST - CAWACH Award, Dept of Science and Technology, Govt of India, 2020.

9. COVID WARRIOR Award IKP Hyderabad, 2020.

10. Fast track Award for COVID solutions from BIRAC, Dept of Biotechnology, Govt of India, 2020.

11. Grand Challenges India from PMU - BIRAC and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Award, 2020.

12. Small Business Research Initiative (SBIRI) Award, Dept of Biotechnology, Govt of India, 2017.

13. Biotechnology Ignition Grand (BIG) Award, Dept of Biotechnology, Govt of India, 2017.

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