Hand Hygiene Solution for Common Touch Points


a. Involuntary hand disinfection device
b. Breaks the hot-spots for infection transfer
c. Releases pre-determined disinfecting agent via push or mild force
d. Can be fixed on door-knobs, door-handles, lift buttons, door push plates
e. For lift buttons and stairway banisters
f. Both “Active” and “Passive” versions available

Can be used in industries like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, hospitality and public places.

Hand Hygiene Solution for otherĀ Touch Points


a. Disinfection of wipes and mops
b. Menu card disinfection
c. Rapid, simple, highly effective plus self-cleaning
d. Highly economical, huge savings by eliminating need for frequent change

Can be used at homes and in the hospitality industry.

Images showing results:

Shown here is the product placed on the door push plate

Shown here is a kitchen wipe before and after using our product

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