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Practicing hand hygiene is a simple yet effective way to prevent infections. A compliance with effective hand hygiene practices is recognized as the most important strategy for reducing the transmission of pathogens.


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  • Plug and play

  • RGB lighting indicators to guide user through hand hygiene process

  • Material withstands heavy use and long lasting

  • Transparent reservoir allows to maintain the level of Handrub

  • Easy accessibility to refill Handrub reservoirs

  • Each reservoir hold 0.5L of Alchohol based Handrub

  • Provision for wall-mount/table-top

  • Dimensions: Length - 354mm, Breadth - 354mm, Height - 320mm

  • Weight: 13kg

  • Voltage rating info: 150–285V, 5A, 50–60Hz, 60W

Delivery Time: 1 week


1 unit GOassure MAX, 6 Nos. complimentary refills [0.5L each], How to use poster, spare atomizer, DC adaptor, User installation guide