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MicroGO is an out-licensing company that focuses on designing delivery systems to mitigate microbes.

Our germ free living solutions are...










Microbial infection is the fact of life, which is encountered by each and every individual. Many are milder in its effect while, many are life threatening.

Infectious diseases is considered to be third among top ten factors for human mortality. In addition, increasing global travel, climate change and emergence of antibiotic resistance organism (super bugs) pose a serious threat to our quest towards curtailing infectious diseases.

These new challenges require newer approaches and necessitates the development of innovative technologies and therefore, MicroGO is born.

This is significant since most of the technologies practiced in India are developed by the western world for the western world. But, we believe that India needs its own, tailor made technological solutions keeping its multi-level diversity into account. This will remain the most important core value at MicroGO.

Dr. Rachna Dave

Founder, MicroGO LLP

We are aiming to hit the microbes hard at:


e.g., Air Conditioner


e.g., Fruit and Vegetables, Packaging


e.g., Toilet seat


e.g., Drinking water


Vector-borne infections

e.g., mosquitoes, ticks

Our latest innovations


Shelf-life extension of produce


Hand hygiene for common touch points


Disinfection of storage water

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About Us

MicroGO was founded by Rachna Dave (Linkedin), who truly believes that identifying the right problems is more challenging than finding solutions and these solutions can be achieved by designing simple and frugal technologies.

Before conceiving MicroGO she worked as a Scientist for 8 years at the prestigious Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India. She has a PhD in Microbiology from Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat, India; the major part of her doctoral research was carried out at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, New York. Rachna`s ideas and passion were supported by Mithun Sacheti, CEO, Caratlane and Angel Investor. Mithun is an active investor in early stage businesses, who loves a conversation over new ideas and is passionate in investing in people who strive to make a difference.

MicroGO comprises of a dedicated and super-enthusiastic team of sacrificial microbes, microbiologists and product designers who are striving very hard to make your life, a healthy one!

We at MicroGO are always looking for individuals who can help us build this startup into an organisation. We provide an open, interactive and non-hierarchical work environment and believe in “work pleasure” rather than “work pressure”.

Please write to us at, if you share our values, the drive and can contribute towards our goals.

At present, we are specifically looking for a candidate with electronics background. Please email us your CV at

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We also provide consulting services to other companies, housing bodies and corporate offices.

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